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Monthly Salary: TBA
Minimum Work Experience: 2
Minimum Education Level: College
Listed By: UMP
Company Size: 500
Career Level: Mid


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For Qatar Airways

Job Description:
1) Develops design for company garment/uniform, adapts existing design for garment/uniform, or copies existing design for garment/uniform.
2) Alters garment/uniform and joins parts, using needle and thread or sewing machine, to form finished garment/uniform.
3) Draws individual pattern or alters existing pattern to fit employees’ measurements.
4) Sews buttons and buttonholes to finish garment/uniform.
5) Presses garment/uniform, using hand iron or pressing machine.
6) Confers with employees ‘to determine type of material and garment/uniform style desired.
7) Positions pattern of garment/uniform parts on fabric, and cuts fabric along outlines, using scissors.
8) Measures employees for size, using tape measure and records measurements.

Skills Required:
• Manual dexterity, attention to detail and technical knowledge. 
• Knowledge in the basics of design, including construction methods for various garments/uniform 
• Able to use and apply mathematical principles.

Qualified candidates can send their CV to:

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  •  +974 4016 1000
  •  +974 3350 7181
  •   united-mp
  • P.O Box 780
  • Bldg.No.282, Room No.9
  • Al Furousiya St. Aspire Zone
  • Doha - Qatar.
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